\ Anya Khera

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League of Women Voters Wellesley

I support efforts to expand voting rights and empower voters through advocacy and education.

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Member, Young Leaders Learning Community, CIRCLE at Tufts University

I was selected to be part of a 12-person learning community of youth civic leaders focused on civics projects and skill-building.

Anya and Elizabeth Warren!
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Campaign Volunteer, Senator Elizabeth Warren Re-election

I collect ballot signatures and support Senator Warren’s re-election campaign.

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Member, Youth Advisory Board, Vote16USA - Generation Citizen

I work with other youth and my town members on efforts to lower the voting age for municipal elections. Our goal is to promote youth civic education and engagement.

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Intern - TurnUp Activism

I promote youth civic engagement through grass-roots activism and voter turnout advocacy.

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Volunteer - Easterseals

I teach karate stretches and drills to people with special needs.

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Volunteer - World of Wellesley

I support efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in Wellesley, MA (my local town).

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Volunteer - Amnesty International

I founded my high school chapter and lead my classmates in human rights campaigns.

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I ran for town meeting member!

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